Fun Stuff You Should Know About Me

I like to play bluegrass and classic country and outlaw country.

I also like to eat bugs and climb trees. I have eaten a frog before too.

I tend to write short songs because I am small.

My voice is a little scratchy. Well, screechy if I am being honest. And I wanna be honest with all a y’all (this time.)

Oh and I DO NOT have rabies! (Again, if I am being honest, I may have just a little rabies.)

Fun Fact: I can protect myself by emitting a foul, rotten smell from my butt while playing dead, often for as long as 45 minutes!

I Just Released My First EP!
If you buy it I promise it will
make you laugh and I will
never ever poop in your attic!
Thank you for your support!

Ray D. Opossum EP
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