So, a lot of you have asked about my family. Well, life as an opossum can be tough! We succumb to trucks and dawgs and bears and, yes, even hawks. I figured maybe I should just give you a quick family history of Opossums That I Used To Know. OPOSSUMS!

Opossums That I Used To Know Lyrics

my pappy got runned over by a truck
my mama said he’d just run outta luck
I saw it all and he was more than fucked
my pappy got runned over by a truck

my sister done got eaten by a dawg
while writin’ in her new opossum blog
that mutt was hidin’ out behind a log
I seen my sister eaten by a dawg

my uncle just got mauled up by a bear
scraped off half his skin and all his hair
he thanks his lucky stars he got away from there
my uncle who got mauled up by a bear

Grandma sat me down
and told me often
bad things can happen
to good opossums
she was jes about
To tell me everything
would be OK
when a hawk swooped down
and took grandma away

now they’re just opossums that I used to know
now they’re just opossums that I used to know
(fade out…just like my opossum family did)

Copyright February 2021 by the Unknown Marsupial

Opossums That I Used To Know Comments

This is amazing! So sorry to hear about your family. -andpow81

The Gotye joke at the end and morbid humor is perfection. -unkept

Genius! Perfection! I have no words, this has just made my day! -caseewilson

Well, @opossum, this is the right darn purdiest tribute I done ever heard. Your dead relatives must be sittin’ in opossum heaven feelin’ quite touched by this remembrance. -vivalarayna

OF COURSE, this track ends with a sly Gotye reference. Good mando playing. -bradbrubaker

These songs have made my day! Not sure how i missed them. -coolparadiso

These songs are hilarious! Well done, marsupial! -mikeb

tragic stories; life sure is tough for an opossum. sometimes we forgot how harsh nature is. thanks for the wake-up call furry fella. the song is all kinds of genius. you even doubled the chorus haha… this should have been the original; has more impact -kristian

Y’all sure do make purty music. It’s a humdinger!! Here’s a few words I felt I had to write in response. -hummingbear

Oh gawd – the tears are washing all the crap paperwork on my desk away. Just brilliant – I have no more words ! -ajna1960

I can’t breathe! This is a work of twisted comic genius! -dragondreams

This is great! We don’t have any opossums up in Alaska. But if we did, I’m sure they would get run over! -jsini

Ohhhh Possibilities seem endless for opossum music and I am SO. HERE. FOR. IT. Love the fiddle interludes between such sad stories about Mother Nature wreaking havoc on your family. -colgoo

It’s hard out there for an opossum. Stay safe and keep pickin’ that banjo! -cleanshoes

This is hilarious and especially so given that the only context I have to compare it against is the only other song I know from the perspective of a possum – The Mountain Goats’ “Possum By Night”, which is slow and serious. Nice job -sourcedecay

I used to catch’em in my rabbit traps all the time. I had to burn’em out, the traps πŸ˜‰ , afterward, or a rabbit woudn’t go in. They didn’t go in anyway. Shudda call’d itta possum’trap. Uno? πŸ˜€ -ustaknow

I gotta say, I’ve never heard a marsupial who could pick on a mandolin as well as you. Great lyrics, darkly funny, and the whole arrangement had me dancing. -robynmackenzie

I’m so sorry that I think your grandmama’s passing was worth it for my own chuckle 😁 One of your kinfolk used to get snatched up by a dog I used to know every night. I thought surely there was no way it was the same little guy the lure of the dog food can’t be that strong, as he would toss it around pretty good before the dog gave up on his new chew toy long enough for the poor little guy to wake up and wander back off into the woods. Curiosity got the better of me so I spray painted a little spot on his back while it was playing you. Sure enough it was the same one every night for about 2 years straight. Great tune too btw! 😁 edit: Sorry I just realized I’m a specieist, but I can’t tell you guys apart!!!! You didn’t ever happen to wake up after being thrown around by a dog with a little red spot painted on your back did you? -dzdandcunfsd

You have a very good backing band! -sph

Opossums are great. Fabulous family. -mandolinda

Oh my galoshes! What a treat. I do like opossums. They eat lots of ticks, so kind of unrecognized heroes. So sorry for your losses. -kc5

This had me grinning the whole way through. Love the bright instrumentation. -tabitha

Wonderful write! The tasty mando put a smile on my face from the first bar. I was laughing by the end of the first line. -tseaver

You know, for a long time I’ve had a big empty hole in my soul. I gotta say, I had no idea that the one thing missing from my life was Bluegrass songs about opossums. So thank you for making my life complete. -fuzzy

Just expressing my appreciation for your work. You’re my favourite FAWM discovery this year. -mdavisto

Man…i just love your stories and a perspective I would have never dreamt of …and let’s not for the banjo etc . great stuff. -gm7

What a tragic tale, I’m so sorry to hear of these happenings in your Opossum family. Once again this is a great track and yes the reference at the end was awesome and fit really well. -kanttila

The instrumental is simply amazing! And i love the lyrics too ahah! -xfloorpunchx

Great lyrics!! -ibenoist

Yeah, this made my day. -w86

Those poor opossums have a rough time of it! Loved the musical quote of “somebody that I used to know”. -metalfoot

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