Yeah, I had a brief professional music career. Maybe you’ve heard of my band? The Possums? No?

Well, I’ll tell you our story then!

Playing The Possums Lyrics

I was just a young opposum
goin’ outta my mind
tired of the forest
tired of my kind

so I moved on down to Nashville
and I started a band
made a lot of money
got a lot of fans

we’re The Possums
and we’re awesome
got no problems
cause every radio station
in the country
is playing The Possums

cut a forty-five record
went straight to number one
overnight sensation
like a bullet from a gun

rode around in limos
and the girls were wild
snorted lots of cocaine
in the possum style

we’re The Possums
and we’re awesome
we got no problems
cause every radio station
in the country
is playing The Possums

Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh
we’re awesome

we got carried away
with all the drugs and the pay
green jelly beans
and groupies night and day

lost all our money
and I had to go home
it was a sad day in the forest
but I did it on my own

we were The Possums
and we were awesome
we had no problems
cause every radio station
in the country
was playing The Possums
yeah yeah yeah

Copyright February 2021 by the Unknown Marsupial

Playing The Possums Comments

Its a actually a very good song! Not that i am surprised knowing what i know. Even the Possums got the groupies and the drugs! -coolparadiso

I really enjoyed this! What fun! -jsini

You’ll have your money back, put this album out and you’ll be O’Billionares. -unkept

That rockstar lifestyle can be quite the downfall. First they lure you in with green jelly beans, then it’s cocaine and groupies and BOOM! You’re broke! I can see you still have your gift for music and can really tickle those ivories. Maybe a comeback tour? The “The Possums WE’RE NOT DEAD YET Tour”!!! -vivalarayna

Rock’n’roll!!! It’s hard to be a superstar. -leka

Someone should have warned you about the green jelly beans. They’ll ruin you. The Possums must have been a great time! Great rockin’ track here! -metalfoot

You’re playin’ that thar guitar like it was yer mama. The “Oh Oh Oh Possum” bit was my favorite section. -bradbrubaker

Fun write! Captures the vibe perfectly! -tseaver

I heard Nashville Opossums been playin since they’s babies. From the sound of it the weren’t lion! 😉 -sheilerk

Yeah! What a life you’ve led. Totally love your classic rock ‘n’ roll stylings. -cleanshoes

Well, gosh, Mr. Marsupial, this is just a delight to hear. I don’t doubt that with this record in play you’ll return to your number one spot with a few learned lessons from last time. Nice work! -heidiserwer

I wanna buy the cd please !!!!!!! -ajna1960

Your album is the highlight my FAWMing this year! -kc5

The Possums is really awesome. I enjoyed the song very much. -rose

You are absolutely right. You are awesome! -thesoundof

Great lyrics! And super catchy. Rock on, Brother Possum! -chipwithrow

Yes, those green jelly beans… yup. 😀 -ustaknow

Haha. Green jelly beans for pay? Do possums like jalapeño flavored ones? Another fun write. -colgoo

Excellent track! but now I’m highly curious about this possum style cocaine snorting 🤣 -dzdandcunfsd

I guess you’re no longer awesome, but still pretty damn great. -spazsquatch

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